Monday, June 19, 2006

Dean Bubley: Mobile operators: your strength is connectivity, not content

Dean Bubley posts at the Disruptive Wireless blog about the results from a recent mobile user experience test in the U.K. by Argogroup before,during and after England’s World Cup match against Trinidad & Tobago. The test found that "the content teams from all five UK mobile operators were dramatically out-performed last night by the old-fashioned Internet, delivering news of Peter Crouch’s late header as many as five minutes later than the free alert sent to mobile users by FIFA and Yahoo."

Of the five operators, "3 remained the best all-round performer when in 3G coverage, Orange performed consistently if unspectacularly while T-Mobile performed well on SMS alerts – even adding commentary to the raw score line alert – but with delays on picture and video alerts, some of which would not download at all or were delivered in the wrong order."

Bubley writes, "Mobile operators: your strength is connectivity, not content." He then states:

What's the betting that the operators won't have the problem fixed for the England:Sweden march next Tuesday? Or maybe they'll just use their deep-packet inspection boxes to delay all SMSs emanating from Yahoo!'s gateway for 5 minutes, to make their own latency-ridden in-house content teams look good by comparison.