Friday, June 09, 2006

JupiterResearch: Alltel Marketing Brings the Mobile Industry Together

Joseph Laszlo at JupiterResearch posts about Alltel's new wireless marketing campaign to promote it new My Circle plan that "allows customers on plans over $59.99 unlimited calling to any 10 numbers they choose, regardless of network."

Laszlo thinks it's "an interesting value proposition--not for everyone, but definitely eye-catching." He writes Alltel is rolling out "some very funny ads featuring (reasonable facscimiles of) Brian the Sprint Guy, Catherine Zeta-Jones, the cingular orange thingy, AND the nebbishy Verizon Wireless guy."

Laszlo states, "I love the ads (streamable from Alltel's site) but wonder if they'd be quite as amusing if I weren't an industry analyst." He then points out Alltel's disclaimer, which he thinks is great:

Our lawyers would like to inform you some of the characters you see here are not associated with Alltel. They are look-alikes. The characters, not our lawyers.
Laszlo concludes:
The funny, young Alltel spokesguy makes a good new addition to a family that's shrunk some over the years--and it's nice the way he's brought the family together.