Friday, June 09, 2006

Steve Palley: Nokia launches Gameshop for N-Gage owners

Steve Palley at Foci Mobile posts that "it looks like Nokia (NOK) has implemented part of their planned commercial upgrade for the N-Gage platform, more than a year after they announced it at E3." Palley opines that:

Gameshop is a good first step towards helping the N-Gage circumvent its problems attaining retail space and promotion...but the most important part of the plan--direct, over the air downloads of N-Gage games--is still AWOL. Plus, does anyone even care any more, now that Nokia's marketing push for the device appears to have dried up?
Wow. Only more than a year late. I guess Motorola (MOT) is not the only one taking time between announcement and launch, although the big difference is the N-Gage seems to be a dying platform, if not dead...