Friday, June 02, 2006

IdaRose Sylvester: Apple, Samsung & Portal Player

IDC analyst IdaRose Sylvester posts at her Consumer Semiconductor Girl's Place on the Web blog about the Apple (AAPL) / Samsung / Portal Player (PLAY) debacle." Sylvesters writes that "it continues to amaze me that some of the technical press remains like a child in the candy store on that one, staring wide-eyed in amazement at the same story." She states:

For those of you that didn't follow: Samsung "lost" the design they claimed to win at Apple, according to at least one very popular technical magazine. In error, it was reported that they lost the shuffle, (which they never were in) but got the Nano instead, which their own stories had originally said happened in the first place. It was keenly funny to sEE a certain magazine re-report the same story as if they had just learned about it. Anyway, as I had said before, and will say again. a. ain't no proof Samsung is in anything until it ships ('cause they said so is not a valid proof, btw) and b. it is really stupid for Samsung to shoot off their mouth about Apple design wins if they actually have them.