Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sony Failing to Connect in Online Music Market

The Los Angeles Times takes a look at Sony's (SNE) not so successful online music efforts as the exec in charge of the Connect store, Phil Wiser, bails the sinking ship.

Michael Gartenberg at JupiterResearch said, "The challenge isn't so much [Wiser's] departure, but it underscores the fact that Sony Connect has really failed to take the world by storm — or even a little drizzle. There's just not a lot happening with the Connect service and with Sony devices, especially in the U.S. where, to an entirely new generation, the word that defines portable music player isn't Walkman, it's iPod."

The article outlines some of the problems that have dogged Sony's digital music efforts, which were due in part to the company's old world analog mindset.

Ted Schadler at Forrester Research said, "Apple is a computer company. They specialize in things having to do with computers and digital. Sony is a hardware company, they specialize in hardware. The problem is they don't have software and they don't understand software. It's completely not in their DNA to build products for this digitally connected era."

It seems like Sony is getting pounded on a daily basis by the press, online and analysts. Are there any bright spots?