Friday, June 16, 2006


M:Metrics responded today to Telephia's lawsuit alleging patent infringement. Will Hodgman at M:Metrics said, "the suit by Telephia, citing two patents in their press release as being infringed by M:Metrics, is totally without merit. Any reasonable inquiry into what M:Metrics' technology actually does would have clearly shown no infringement of those two patents. As a result of not having made that inquiry, M:Metrics will be asking the court for Rule 11 sanctions and attorney fees against Telephia if they insist on further prosecution of this baseless action."

Hodgman added, "Sadly, Telephia is less interested in competing in the marketplace and more interested in competing in legal circles with outrageous and spurious claims. We will continue to stay focused on what we do best: providing the marketplace with the most accurate, reliable measures of mobile content consumption while providing outstanding service to our growing list of industry-leading clients."

Story to be continued....