Tuesday, April 04, 2006

IDC: 10 Emerging Wireless Players To Watch in 2006

In a new report, IDC picks "10 smaller emerging wireless players that IDC analysts believe are worthy of highlighting to the broader wireless industry and that have the potential to make an impact in the larger wireless market."

IDC selected the following as the 10 wireless players to watch: Adamind, Cbeyond, Enpocket, Kargo, Kodiak, LimeLife, mFoundry, Mobilitec, Vercuity, and Visage Mobile. According to IDC, the "companies chosen echo three broad themes for 2006: the growth of content markets and the consequent complexity of wireless content ecosystems; a pronounced need to remember that end-user experiences will have a profound impact on data adoption and ultimately customer loyalty; and the need to better serve the needs of business customers, especially small and medium-sized businesses."

Scott Ellison at IDC said, "Collectively, the outlook for these emerging wireless players is bright when set against the backdrop of the rapidly evolving wireless ecosystem and marketplace, evolving market strategies of larger wireless players, the entrance of new players such as MVNOs, and the overall trend of wireless becoming ever more central to ever more subscribers as the 'third screen' in their lives."

For transparency sake, it would be interesting to find out which of these 10 are IDC clients as well. It's always nice to know if non-clients stand a chance...