Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rob Enderle: The Game Developer’s Conference

Rob Enderle posts at Technology Pundits about some of his thoughts from the Game Developer's Conference. Here is the mobile related one:

Phones as Game Platforms

A new platform that is getting a lot of play this year for games is the Cell Phone, expected to be a $1Billion business in 2006 these are games that have performance that is generally better then the old Atari game systems and their capability is increasing dramatically year over year. Typically costing a couple of bucks for a game we already are seeing reports of finger injuries with folks playing too much at one time. (Kind of reminds me of the Jetson’s for some reason).
Enderle concludes with:
Overall, however, the game industry has been in kind of a funk as a result of the lack of compelling new hot games and the delay in the Sony PS3 which may slip out of 2006 (they are having major cost problems), this show brings with it a lot of hope that 2006 will be a banner year for the industry. Whether or not the revenue is there, one thing is clear, games are going to have an ever increasing impact on our lives going forward.