Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wiz Founder’s Wireless Gamble

RED HERRING writes an article about another MVNO joiing a crowded marketplace. This time it's the founder of the Nobody Beats the Wiz retail electronics chain Marvin Jamal, who is taking a crack at mobile via the Cool Prepaid service on Cingular's network.

According to the article, "Cool Prepaid is targeted at consumers who will buy prepaid phones, including the youth segment, and is already selling phones through a partnership with Sears."

Roger Entner at Ovum noted that "an MVNO launching today focusing on the prepaid and youth market is late to the game." He said, "I really wish that MVNOs would come up with a new idea. MVNOs are about segmentation and focusing on a specific segment of the market. Prepaid and youth have four or five competitors including offerings by the carriers themselves.”

Another ding "against Cool Prepaid is that analysts and executives contend that MVNOs launching now should start targeting wireless content services offered over third-generation networks, rather than jump into the prepaid market."