Monday, March 06, 2006

JupiterResearch: Mobile TV - Who will win ?

Thomas Husson jots down his thoughts at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs about Mobile TV. He notes recent instances where networks operators (3 Italy and NTT DoCoMo) have acquired TV assets. Husson asks whether this is a new trend and answers it is not new at all because:

  • Endemol is owned by Telefonica
  • Canal+ is owned by Vivendi (SFR is part of Videndi as well)
  • TF1 is owned by Bouygues (Bouygues Telecom is part of Bouygues as well)
Husson wonders if mobile operators need to acquire media companies and states, "they could easily do it : TF1's turnover (2,49 bn euros in 2005), the largest broadcaster in France (33% of the audience for more than 50% of the advertising revenues), is almost twice as lower as that of the smallest operator (Bouygues Telecom, 4,5 bn euros in 2005)!"

However he's not sure they will commenting, "What is the benefit for Canal+ : having an exclusive agreement with SFR or targeting the widest audience possible ?" In the end, Husson concludes:
many other issues have to be looked at : technologies, spectrum allocation, business models...There are all linked together : broadcasters and broadcast network operators are pushing T-DMB and DVB-H while mobile operators rediscover the virtues of their own spectrum / networks (TDD, MBMS, S-band...).

But at the end of the day, as always, the consumer may have the final word and he is the one who will choose the winner: which brand and which content does he want to watch, how many channels does he need, where will he consume mobile TV, how much is going to pay, is he really ready to be interrupted by interactive services ?...