Sunday, March 05, 2006

Dean Bubley: In the Pink

While all of us early adopter, handset geeks drool over the latest devices, speeds, feeds, functions and features, Dean Bubley posts at his Disruptive Wireless that when it comes to mainstream consumer preferences these things just might not matter. Bubley writes that:

Two weeks ago, I had a never-ending stream of meetings with handset manufacturers and software vendors telling me about the latest, greatest technical advances that would make consumers buy more phones and use more services. Thinness, VGA screens, multi-megapixel cameras, UMA, WiFi, HDSPA, dynamic user interfaces, mobile TV and so on.
After all was said and done, Bubley personal observations show something very different. He says:
I walked past my local branch of Carphone Warehouse, and I caught sight of what's actually hot. It's something I've also noticed in a few cafes and bars in London, but seeing it as the focus of all the point-of-sale material really brought it home. The single biggest must-have feature for a mobile phone today? The colour pink.

Photo via Carphone Warehouse