Thursday, March 30, 2006

JupiterResearch: American Idol: "I want my ring tones!"

Is this another example of a mobile marketing effort gone awry or a user with a handset that can't download ringtones? Julie Ask at JupiterResearch chronicles another mobile marketing mishap after one of her colleagues attempted to get American Idol ring tone via Cingular. Ask makes a "request to Cingular, American Idol and whatever vendors are on the backend of delivery: "PLEASE LET THIS WORK!" You have an amazing opportunity to help grow this market and be a true leader in integrated, interactive marketing and entertainment. Please execute."

Below is an excerpt of the IM with her colleague:

JupEmployee: FYI---tried getting the american idol ringtones onto my cingular [read your blog late ]..text message arrived, i clicked on link and received WAP server errors 6 straight times...and rude 'boing' tone to indicate error [well, thats my phone setting i suppose]

Me: you have cingular?

JupEmployee: yep

Me: nice

JupEmployee: I tried dowloading ringtones on it last week..cant believe its such a pain...after i choose ringtone, i twiddle thumb waiting for SMS with it 40 hours later..six copies of it.

Not a good sign, eh? Could it be the handset is not compatible? Just wondering, although I still haven't received any Winter Olympic updates from NBC yet. I guess I have to wait until 2010....