Saturday, February 18, 2006

Weekly Roundup

A roundup of mobile analysts in the news for the week ending February 18:

  • Matthew Hatton at Yankee Group via Cellular-News about operators Increasingly Outsourcing Mobile Content Delivery
  • Gavin Patterson and David McQueen at Informa via BusinessWeek about 3GSM in Barcelona and the Future of Wireless
  • Yankee Group analyst Linda Barrabee and JupiterResearch analyst Julie Ask via about Microsoft Buys MotionBridge
  • John Delaney at Ovum via the Guardian Unlimited about U.K. icence warning over watching TV on computer or mobile phone
  • Kevin Burden at IDC and Ellen Daley at Forrester Research via the San Francisco Chronicle about Microsoft software takes on BlackBerrys
  • Ben Wood at Gartner via the Washington Post about Sony Ericsson says it sold 3 mln Walkman phones
  • John Delaney at Ovum via Computing about Orange sticks neck on the EDGE
  • David Linsalata at IDC via about matchmakers' hands full with Palm
  • Gartner analyst Todd Kort via InformationWeek about BlackBerry use up, despite legal trouble
  • Roger Entner at Ovum via an AP article at about Nokia, Motorola Show Cellular-VoIP Phones
  • Svetlana Issaeva at Pyramid Research via International Herald Tribune about cellphone companies look to Third World
  • Forrester Research analyst Charles Golvin via a Business 2.0 article at about MySpace teaming up with MVNO Helio
  • Albert Lin at American Technology Research and Richard Windsor at Nomura Securities via BusinessWeek about Nokia's efforts to remake itself