Friday, February 17, 2006

JupiterResearch: NBC Olympics Mobile Efforts...Not

Julie Asks post at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs about her experiences getting email and text alerts from NBC regarding the Torino Winter Olympics. She writes that she "signed up for both email alerts and text alerts," and provided her phone number and carrier.

Ask was interested in receiving messages "when there are medals won by US athletes and when events are going to be on TV." Ask notes that "the email alerts arrive in my inbox steadily. I am yet to receive one SMS message with the requested information."

She concludes:

When I signed up online, they didn't tell me that there were additional steps or that it wasn't available through my carrier. Besides, it's SMS - not as if they have to format the content for my screen. ???? In an industry struggling to connect with people and fans on the "third screen," why can't they make this work?
Good question. I decided to goto NBC's Olympic site to check it out and signed up for the text alert service. I also sent a text message to NBCTV (62288) with the word Torino so they could text me a link for their mobile site. So far I've gotten nothing, zip, nada. Maybe they just to get numbers for their datatbase :-) Anyone else sign up for the services and have success (or failure)?