Monday, February 06, 2006

Syncing Computers And Mobile Devices

W*USA 9 News picks up an AP article ablout the lack of seamless ways for "all the gadgets and all the computers to stay current with all the information captured, created and edited on other devices." The article looks at one startup, called Sharpcast, that is trying to fix that problem with a new service that "acts as a go-between among devices."

Rob Enderle at the Enderle Group said, "Depending on what it is you're moving and how much of it you can move, it could really be the next killer app. It could relate to everything - from how you move movies, how you move music and how you move your pictures."

Sharpcast's first product will be a photo organizer. Creative Strategies analyst Tim Bajarin said, "Ultimately, for this to work smoothly, they have to get a tremendous amount of support from other application vendors. It's one thing to have access to my content, but it needs to be tied with valuable applications as well."

Michael Gartenberg at JupiterResearch added, "More importantly, they've done it in a way that seems to be fairly understandable by consumers so you don't have to have a whole IT department in your house to make this stuff work."

The founders at Sharpcast also created the Blazer Web browser, which was sold to Handspring. Gartenberg said, "The strategy here of under-promising and being able to over-deliver is the right approach. Typically one of the thing that curses startups is when you peak too early, when expectations are set way too high, they discover there are issues."

Impressive launch so far with three highly visible consumer tech analysts commenting on the startup in one of the first articles about the company. I guess they wanted to start things off with a bang as they launch at DEMO...