Monday, February 06, 2006

Superday casting for Pebl from Motorola

The Chicago Tribune reports on Motorola launching its marketing campaign for its new handset, the Pebl, with a TV ad during the Super Bowl. According to the article, "It is Motorola's first national TV spot during the Super Bowl in several years, though it has done ads during the big game that have run regionally." The Pebl is being sold exclusively by T-Mobile and costs $299 with a one-year service plan.

Albert Lin at American Technology Research thinks the "key to the Pebl's success might simply be that it stands out.' he wrote in a recent research note that "With literally thousands of (phone) models to pick from, it's hard to be different. The fact that the Pebl is so organic, human and soft will likely keep Motorola's brand associated with being a design leader."