Friday, February 24, 2006

Symbolic Upheaval

Unstrung writes about "more management changes at mobile vendor Symbol Technologies" in hopes of turning the "firm around after the financial scandal that has cast a long shadow over its fortunes." The company recently appointed a new CEO and a number of other changes at the top. The company is also looking for a new CFO and general counsel.

Rob Enderle at the Enderle Group thought "Symbol is moving past its recent trouble, albeit fairly slowly." He said, "As far as I can tell, they've put it behind them. But it does take awhile to recover from this kind of a problem, and it does make customers very nervous. I actually think things are starting to look up for Symbol even though their results don’t really show that yet."

Craig Mathias at the Farpoint Group concurred, "I think they will do just fine. I will concede, though, that the next two quarters are likely to be rocky."

Enderle added that Symbol "may be wise not to bet too much on RFID location tracking technology just yet." He said, "RFID isn’t picking up as quickly as many hoped either, and Symbol has bet much of their future on this technology. I still think RFID may be the big long-term play for them. But yes, I think I’d come up with a much stronger plan B so that if RFID continues to lag expectations I have a backup plan."