Friday, February 24, 2006

ABI Research: 3G Chipset Design for Music, Gaming, Video and TV: No Longer an Either/Or Game

According to ABI Research, "In 2004, ABI Research counted 17.3 million 3G subscribers worldwide, but by the end of 2005 there were 42 million: a year-on-year growth of 142%. And by the end of 2010, 3G will comprise fully 30% of the mobile marketplace, equating to about 1 billion subscribers."

A new report looks at market drivers, issues and challenges 3G chipset vendors, such as Agere, Broadcom, Ericsson Mobile, Freescale, Icera, Philips Semiconductors, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments, face as they tackle this budding market.

Alan Varghese at ABI Research said, "In cellular's early years, the primary focus was the cellular modem, and on improving its design. In later years, as cellular networks switched on high-speed data, the design focus veered away from the modem and towards applications such as digital imaging, music, and video."

Varghese added, "it is no longer an either/or game; the chipset design focus has to be on both the modem and the applications in order to enable robust wireless connections, low power consumption, and enjoyable user-experiences. 3G chipset architects find they have a full plate on their hands. The good news is that the 3G and HSDPA cellular tide is rising; the bad news is that this rising tide may not lift all chipset vendors' boats."