Thursday, February 09, 2006

Strategy Analytics: Content Creators And PIM Freaks Key To Mobile Enterprise Success

It's mobile enterprise week at Strategy Analytics as another report finds that "between early adopting Connectivity Junkies and laggard Cubicle Dwellers, significant untapped potential exists in three key mobile worker segments," and "identifies Content Creators and PIM Freaks as key emerging user segments."

Cliff Raskind at Strategy Analytics said, "Success in the future mobile business user market will be closely linked to the ability of device manufacturers, software developers, mobile operators and other value chain players to collaborate like never before in orchestrating, and effectively selling, premium user experiences. With strong spending patterns, high interest levels in a wide range of mobile services and priority attached to being contactable, PIM Freaks are the next segment beyond the corner office to target for a broad range of wireless email and connected PIM tools."

The report broke down the "45 million Western European wireless data business user base into five optimized demand segments: Connectivity Junkies, Content Creators, Connected Responders: PIM Freaks and Cubicle Dwellers."

David Kerr at Strategy Analytics added, "A dramatically higher need for viewing and manipulating attachments is evident in the wireless email needs of Connectivity Junkies and Content Creators. Both segments are perceptibly frustrated with the navigation features and overall usability of current generation devices. Nokia is the lead vendor in terms of embedded devices among mobile workers given their historic dominance of the European voice landscape, but SEMC and Samsung are rapidly gaining ground."

Other key points include:

  • Nearly 8-in-10 PIM Freaks and Content Creators select their own devices
  • PIM Freaks and Content Creators spend two-thirds of their time using the data functions on their devices in indoor domains ("at home" or "at work")
  • Over 70 percent of PIM Freaks and Content Creators use a notebook computer
  • PIM Freaks spend 13 percent more per month on wireless than the average business cellular user.
PIM freak sounds funny in a drug-addicted, negative kind of way. I much prefer the term gadget geek since I'm a proud, device-carrying member of that group...