Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mobile Remote Control for the Enterprise?

Unstrung writes about the challenge for IT manager to manage mobile devices and looks at the increasing number of "over-the-air management solutions that allow IT managers to do things like remotely lock down (or wipe clean) an employees's device if it is stolen, or update multiple devices with new software or virus patches."

Central control over employees' devices "clearly brings cost benefits" although many enterprise still don't realize the hidden costs of device management. Craig Mathias at Farpoint Group said, "Not that many companies realize that this is an issue yet... They just want to get the devices out into the hands of users."

As more mobile devices enter the workplace, Mathias states "Eventually this will become part of a company's overall network management planning."

On the subject of managing and maintaining Windows devices, Jack Gold at J.Gold Associates said, "Windows devices tend to be a little more complex. Certainly there is a higher maintenance cost."

Trying to keep pace with technology and innovation is another issue. Mathias said, "It's almost impossible to keep up with these things. And when you get one, it's already outdated."