Wednesday, February 08, 2006

China leads the world in mobile data covers recent research from GMI that finds "China is leading the world in mobile data use, while US citizens use it least." The survey of over 1,000 people in eight countries in December, concluded that "97 per cent of Chinese mobile phone users download data, compared to fewer than half of American users."

According to the survey, "some 85 per cent of respondents would use more data services if they were less expensive, and nearly half would use such services if it was possible to try the applications first."

Commenting on the survey results, Rachel Lashford at Canalys said, "China is an enormous market of advanced users. Once the Chinese government approves its version of 3G, take-up will increase still further. People are getting hooked on having a connected device."

I'm guessing the amount of mobile data usage is inversely related to how much access users have to PCs and the Internet at work and in the home. As I noted previously, mobile data and services usage in Japan is higher, because home PCs are less common in Japan than the U.S. Could be the same for China as well. Anyone have figures on PC and high-speed Internet in China?