Tuesday, February 28, 2006

JupiterResearch: Unfolding Origami - it might not un-wrap the way you think it will

Michael Gartenberg at JupiterResearch adds his two cents about the hyped up Microsoft Origami Project. Garterberg posts while in Tel Aviv and notes "Todd Bishop of the Seattle PI correctly points out, no one said Microsoft was announcing anything this week. In fact, the site seem to make it pretty clear that there's more to be revealed over the weeks ahead." He writes:

Scoble talks about the danger of not letting your internal bloggers know what's going on and the fear of getting "origami-ized". Robert, is something bad happening here? After all, there's a little company in Cupertino that never talks about what it's doing in advance, let's the web run wild with rampant rumor and speculation and then introduces products, that would never SEEM to match the expectation but does anyhow.
He then remembers "last fall, when the web was buzzing about Apple introducing a new flash based iPod. No one predicted that product was the Nano or the impact it would have. It's being correct but totally wrong. That's about the same level of information that we seem to know about Origami at the moment."

Gartenberg goes on to point out that "given Microsoft's usual habit of announcing stuff that's half baked at CES, waving around a mock up and announcing partners for stuff that won't ship for months, years or in some cases ever, what's different about this launch? Why is Microsoft being so tight lipped about this? How did they pull this off?" He concludes with:
Think there might be some lessons here? Might there be other "Origamis" out there lurking in some dark corner of Redmond? Is Microsoft changing the playbook? Those are the real questions to ask over the next few weeks.