Monday, February 27, 2006

Is Apple’s Next Act VoIP iPod and other rumors

A couple of more articles in advance of Apple's "fun" announcement tomorrow. In the RED HERRING, rumor has it that Apple will announce a VoIP-enabled iPod. According to the article, invitations for tomorrow's event "were issued by the iPod and iTunes media department, suggesting that the announcement is likely related to those two."

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said, "I don’t think Disney content would move as fast as feature-length movies. It seems like the right time to start offering movies." Munster also guessed that a new Shuffle with a screen and "other hardware might debut, specifically computers, like a new Mac Mini or a notebook line to replace the current iBooks."

A lot of the article specualtes about a Wi-Fi enabled iPod.
Chris Crotty at iSuppli said, "Instead of a phone, maybe in a year Apple could have a VoIP-enabled iPod."

Munster countered, "We still believe there will be a phone from Apple by holiday of 2006." And with "Apple’s 30th anniversary is April, its software developer’s conference is every June," and a Paris event every September, Munster added, "The big picture is about the window for the next six months."

Over at, Roger Kay at Endpoint Technologies Associates said, "An iPod announcement or announcements seems likely. And Apple moving in against their partners (selling iPod peripherals) wouldn't surprise me at all.'Fun' sounds like crypto for consumer to me."