Sunday, December 18, 2005

Young, Urban African Americans Talk Up Profits For Wireless Companies

Black Enterprise writes that "African American consumers are making wireless communication so hot that companies of all sizes are jumping into the market with offerings from ring tones to cell phone content trying to get their share of the industry."

The article outlines some of the business efforts taking place to target the audinence, including Black Entertainment Television's (BET) recent partnership with "Motricity, to provide popular ring tones, graphics, games, alerts and networking features."

Linda Barrabee at Yankee Group wasn't surprised more companies were jumping into wireless noting it was "huge with the 25 year and younger market." She said, "They are early adopters in general and ringtones in particular are a motivation to personalize the phone experience. Music makes a personal statement. What's been popular definitely tracks to more the urban, hip-hop market.

According to the Yankee Group, "about 88% of the 24-year-old and younger crowd would be willing to spend more money or up to $13 a month on ring tones, text messaging, picture/video messaging, streamed music, and full-track music downloads."