Thursday, December 15, 2005

Fuhgeddaboutit! Tony Soprano Coming to Cingular reports Cingular is getting into business with The Sopranos among others after inking "an exclusive multi-year deal with HBO to send video clips of hit television shows, including the Sopranos, to mobile phones."

In order to promote usage of Cingular's recently launched high-speed network, HBO "will immediately provide content such as ringtones and games, but plans next year to send Cingular customers exclusive clips of future hit shows, including Curb Your Enthusiasm as well as Sopranos."

According to Cingular, the service will work on select handset from LG and Samsung, but no models were announced. Ovum analyst Roger Entner pointed out the deal was a big coup for "Cingular over cable providers and Sprint Nextel, which is setting up a wireless venture with four of the top U.S. cable providers."

He said, "Suddenly the best show on cable is not working with its traditional partners. Its certainly a body blow for the cable consortium and Sprint."

I'm not sure about this whole mobile video thing. Right now it's a lot of noise signifying very little. I'll reserve further judgement until I can test it out for myself. One thing is for sure, all the players better watch their backs, because if things go south then someone
just might get themselves whacked...