Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Sprint Mobility professional services launched

Computerworld writes about Sprint's recently launched "professional services subsidiary focused on mobility applications, including wireless voice and data technologies," which demonstrates the growing importance of the enterprise for network operators. Roger Entner at Ovum said, "There's quite a bit going on in this area, and it will get bigger."

Gene Signorini at Yankee Group added, "Sprint anticipates mobility solutions growing phenomenally over the next two years, and they see nobody else fulfilling the need for advanced mobility solutions."

According to both analysts, the challenge for Sprint "will be to convince customers that it is not consulting to sell Sprint services and products." Signorini said, "A big question mark is how closely tied is the new entity to Sprint products and services? If they are hawking Sprint services, they lose credibility."

Entner added, "What they are doing is a good idea, but to pull it off, they have to be agnostic about the technology and even the carriers they recommend."