Tuesday, December 27, 2005

M:Metrics: The Right Device Can Drive Mobile Content Usage

The latest research from M:Metrics finds that owners of the Sanyo SCP-8200 and Motorola RAZR handsets "are out-consuming subscribers of all other devices. The portion of owners of these devices that are used to access mobile applications or downloaded mobile content is more than double that of the market overall."

Seamus McAteer at M:Metrics said, "There are several contributing factors that make one device more compelling than another for mobile content consumption. The Sanyo SCP-8200 has the highest conversion rate in the industry thanks to Sprint's clean implementation of browser-based services, and the RAZR's large, bright LCD promotes use of browser-based services and game downloading. Furthermore, given the cache of the RAZR as a stylish handset, RAZR owners are more likely to accentuate the statement they make with their handset with the latest tones."

Top 10 U.S. Handsets used to Access Mobile Content and Applications

Mobile Data
OEM Model Users Conversion Rate
Motorola i730 1,107,033 31.0%
Motorola V551 888,465 34.1%
Motorola V3 RAZR 876,114 47.7%
Motorola V220 787,101 26.5%
LG VX6100 769,202 26.8%
Motorola V180 768,407 20.8%
Samsung SCH-a670 740,039 26.3%
Sanyo SCP-8200 696,095 49.9%
Nokia 6010 650,686 15.4%
Samsung SPH-a660 563,973 23.2%

Source: M:Metrics, Inc. Copyright 2005. Survey of U.S. mobile
Subscribers. Data based on the quarter ending November 30, 2005.
n=37,329 U.S. mobile subscribers. Data services usage excludes the use
of SMS or photo messaging.
According to M:Metrics most recent monthly survey, "Motorola has a healthy market share lead of 28.3 percent among 13 to 24 year olds, the age group representing the heaviest users of data services. Samsung ranked second with a share of 18.8 percent, followed by LG, which accounted for 16.2 percent. Nokia ranked fourth in this demographic group with a share of 15.5 percent."
U.S. Mobile Subscriber Monthly Consumption of Content and Applications
M:Metrics Benchmark Survey: November 2005

Activity Projected Percent U.S.
Monthly Reach Mobile
(000s) Subscribers
Used Text Messaging 58,307 32.2%
Retrieved News or Information via Browser 18,552 10.2%
Purchased Ringtone 16,467 9.1%
Used Photo Messaging 15,550 8.6%
Used Personal E-Mail 12,298 6.8%
Used Mobile Instant Messaging 10,468 5.8%
Used Work E-Mail 6,991 3.9%
Purchased Wallpaper or Screensaver 6,616 3.7%
Downloaded Mobile Game 5,683 3.1%

Source: M:Metrics, Inc., Copyright 2005. Survey of U.S. mobile
subscribers. Data based on the quarter ending November 30, 2005,
n=37,329 U.S. mobile subscribers.