Thursday, December 22, 2005

Researcher Plays Grinch, Says Mobile Failures Loom

Mobile Pipeline reports on some predictions made by ABI Research for technology in 2006, saying satellite radio to mobile video won't materialize successfuly next year.

According to ABI, "satellite radio industry will not launch a successful video product." The report said, "Bandwidth will limit the satellite radio providers to just a handful of low quality channels, while cellular operators offer larger content libraries on-demand, and Apple Computer continue it's foray into video podcasting."

ABI also predicted broadcast mobile video wouldn't be widespread due to the majority of network operators using unicast methods, which ABI "believes is an inefficient delivery method that uses valuable cellular bandwidth. Multicast networks are required to support this delivery."

ABI predicted that the "two competing multicast networks....from MediaFLO, and Crown Castle Mobile Media, could solve this problem. But they won't become available until late 2006 in at least 30 of the top U.S. markets." ABI also questioned whether compatible "handsets for the multicast network will be available in 2006."