Friday, December 23, 2005

ABI Research: Video Downloads an Ideal Audition for Television

ABI Research predicts that "the emerging video download industry based on portable video players will be a perfect test bed for full-length television shows." Vamsi Sistla at ABI Research believes full-length episodes of hit television shows won't be "downloaded to portable devices in 2006." He thinks "short-form video" such as trailers, promos, and mini-episodes are a big opportunity.

Sistla said, "The mainstream broadcast model is an extraordinarily expensive way to trial new concepts and shows. Over 70% of all new shows don't survive the first season. The logic of trying short versions on emerging platforms at relatively low cost before committing to the expense of hour-long TV productions will soon be apparent to content owners."

2005 has been a chance for the industry to test the waters. Sistla added, "So far they seem pretty happy with what the portable and mobile telephony industries can provide them. But a network can save much more on upfront program development costs than it will make by selling short clips for $1.99 each."