Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Jupiter: OK, We've got NBC on board, who's next on the iPod?

Michael Gartenberg blogs at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs about NBC's decision to offer TV programming via Apple's iTunes. The programming runs the gamut from old stuff to current programs. He concludes:

Net - Another solid win for the folks in Cupertino. More legal video content means more folks are comfortable making the iPod purchase. Look for more folks to be making the pilgremage to Cupertino to get their content onto Apple's devices. Of course, all this content flow really begs for some sort of Apple branded hub in the digital home, doesn't it... like something based on the Mac Mini?
As usual, Apple is gaining momentum for mobile video. I'm personally holding out for some sports-related video. Since my favorite professional teams are on the East Coast (NY Mets, NY Giants), I'd love to be able to download their games or even just the extended game highlights without having to sift through an entire broadcast of ESPN Sportscenter to catch a 30 second summary.

I can also see a big market for sports that don't get much coverage in the U.S. such as soccer. There has to be a bunch of folks wanting to catch Premier League, Serie A or Champions League games and highlights, but have to settle for American sports programming like NASCAR and Spelling Bees. Some track & field would be nice too. One can always hope....