Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Jupiter: AT&T, or actually at&t, is Back!

Joseph Laszlo posts his thoughts about Cingular renaming itself at&t at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs. As Laszlo points out, it is very ironic after "the huge marketing push to convert AT&T Wireless subscribers over to Cingular, and to rebrand all the retail stores, etc., in the wake of Cingular's purchase just a single, short year ago."

Regarding SBC's CEO saying the new corporate image is more trendy and modern, Laszlo concludes:

Trendy and modern. Perhaps. But for a company that's trying to be about the future of broadband and TV, AT&T is not the name I'd think of first. Though of course, nor is SBC. Maybe AT&T should launch a branding campaign around "the second 'T' is for 'TV.'"