Saturday, November 26, 2005

ESPN looks to tag along with fans on the go

A couple of articles take a look at the Mobile ESPN MVNO service, which began selling via the website on November 25. Starting out with a $400 handset and premium-priced services, Mobile ESPN is not for the budget-minded, but it target sports nuts, who must have 24/7 access to the latest sports highlights and content.

USA TODAY, Dave Linsalata,at IDC, pointed out that ESPN "is the first "really big" brand name to create its own cellphones — although he says there's been a Barbie phone — and might have an edge over rivals by being able to quickly speed highlights from its TV games."

Over at CNNMoney, Linda Barrabee at Yankee Group added "If you look at what resonates, what kind of video do you want live instead of waiting to get home, it's really about sports and news."

Will the pricey service fly? Who knows, but if you're going to shell out the big bucks for the handset and service, it better deliver great, timely content that you can't get anywhere else in the mobile universe...