Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Laptop Makers to Add Verizon Wireless for Net

The San Jose Mercury Newsreports that Dell, HP and Lenovo will start pre-installing Verizon's wireless technology in their laptops next year to provide high-speed mobile Internet access to customers.

Rob Enderle said, "It's the next big thing. In the next few years you won't see a laptop without this kind of technology built in. Verizon is the leader in wireless bandwidth in this country. They're pushing for performance, and people who are using it are raving about it. And when it's built into the computer it's going to be faster and more reliable than it is with a card. The problem is Verizon's coverage isn't so great outside of major cities."

Another issue is you still need to subscribe to Verizon's EV-DO network to take advantage of the service. Probably good for enterprises that already are Verizon's customers, but if you are using Sprint or Cingular then you are out of luck or need to subscribe to another carrier...