Wednesday, August 24, 2005

PSP Users Just Want to Play?

Next Generation reports that recent reseach shows that PSP users only want to use the device for gaming. I believe the market research firm cited in the article is actually a Japanese firm called Info Plant.

Key data points of the study of 1,000 Japanese PSP users were:

  • only 10 percent had watched a movie on the machine
  • most had no plans to buy any UMD movies
  • less than 50 percent said they would use the PSP to watch video or view pictures using a memory stick, although this drops to less than 30 percent among female users
  • 25 percent of male users and 10 percent of females updated their PSP for Internet use
  • the average attach rate is 3.1 titles
None of this actually surprises me. My son doesn't have any UMD films for his PSP, but I have downloaded some movies from our DVD collection to his MemoryStick for viewing. The average attach rate should continue to rise as more game titles hit the market. Right now there is a shortage of quality games for the platform so most folks probably own the same three titles. Sony really needs to deliver a killer app for the PSP that takes advantage of the device's many features. Only then will it really take off...