Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mobile Sleaze Not Getting a Big Rise

The Guardian reports that the market for mobile porn is not matching the hype surrounding it. The article cites figures from a report last month from UK firm Informa that "the market for erotic content for mobile devices will be worth $2.3bn (£1.3bn) by 2010 compared with just under $1bn this year. Within five years there will be more than 114 million regular users of adult services compared with 65 million now."

As the article notes, these numbers seem promising at first, but when compared to the overall mobile market look a lot tinier. According to Informa, "the entire mobile phone content market, including music and gaming, is $43bn by 2010. Adult services will account for just 5% of the market."

Daniel Winterbottom at Informa commented, "If you take it out of the context of the wider market, $2.3bn is not a small amount of money. It's just when you put it next to things like music and games, which we believe will take off, it's not quite as impressive a part as made out in previous years."

Of course, this won't stop folks from trying to titillate mobile users moving forward. They'll just be less of it if the predictions are right...