Sunday, August 07, 2005

More on Mobile Media Users

ZDNet publishes a couple of more graphs from Parks Associates based on their survey of 2,112 Internet users.

first graph asked users what type of video content they would like to view on their cell phone or portable media device. "Concerts and home videos led the priority list for males, with 25% of men voting for this category of mobile video. For females TV drama was the most demanded mobile video (38%) with the closest competitors - concerts and reality TV - getting 30% each."

The second graph profiled owners of portable media devices. "73% of those buying the new generation of portable media players are tech-savvy knowledgeable pioneers" with the remaining looking for more features and value. "The tech-savvy crowd is 52% male, while the feature-driven hunters are 70% female."

Interesting factoid from the first graph was the discrepancy between who wanted to view "adult entertainment" on their handset or mobile media device. Men clearly outnumbered the women 20% to 4%.