Wednesday, August 02, 2006

visiongain intelligence: Hybrid solutions will narrow the mobile device power gap in the short term

According to visiongain intelligence, "with energy requirements for portable and handheld devices increasing on a daily basis, traditional batteries will be unable to meet the demands of advanced power-hungry multimedia applications. Micro fuel cells are emerging as a viable technology alternative to bridge the current power gap, although a number of issues need to be resolved before they reach maturity and commercialisation."

visiongain predicts that "hybrid power systems, comprising of a fuel cell and Li-ion/Li-Po combination, will become a mainstream solution by the end of the decade, and fuel cell-only mobile devices will eventually displace hybrid solutions."

Visiongain estimates that "shipments of fuel cells in mobile devices will grow from 7 million in 2009 to 92.6 million in 2011, accounting for around 10% of all handset shipments that year, with exponential growth seen thereafter."

visiongain found that "OEMs and operators are waking up to the potential presented by fuel cells for the next generation of mobile phones and laptops. Fuel cell manufacturers, on the other hand, are aggressively working beyond R&D to commercialise their products, with 2007 being the year that many vendors bring their products into the market."

visiongain analyst Dr Kauhik Das said, “We believe that commercialisation, including safety and in-flight concerns, technology and environmental issues are aligning with Active DFMC, which also meets the energy requirements for handhelds and laptops. Having said that, initial success is coming for borohydrides, which is non-flammable, non-toxic and works at a range of temperatures, including room temperature."

Dr Dasadded, “Volume production capabilities that need substantial investments could help to bring down costs. However, the demand for fuel cells has not yet reached the volume to stimulate such investments. One way to trigger production could be public awareness.”