Friday, June 30, 2006

JupiterResearch: Verizon Wireless Launches Free Contact Backup (and Other Cool Stuff)

Joseph Laszlo at JupiterResearch comments on Verizon Wireless (VZ) offering an incentive to get folks to pay bills online. Verizon is "offering a suite of services under its "worry free guarantee" package gratis. This includes low cost phone replacements and free upgrades, and most importantly, optional server-based backup for phone-based contacts." After providing a personal anecdote, Laszlo states:

I asked this friend about online backup of contacts and she said she had heard about the existing program but the $1.99/month charge "added up quickly." VZ (and the other carriers) should totally be giving this away for free--tying it to online bill pay seems very fair. I can't think of a better loyalty builder, especially for uber-communicators like my friend...

Oh yeah, VZW's also going to start pro-rating early termination charges, which is pretty amazing, too. Just less immediately relevant. Said Denny Strigl, "We believe dissatisfaction with flat early termination fees is tarnishing the entire industry." Now that's throwing down a gauntlet!