Thursday, April 13, 2006

JupiterResearch: Where will you watch the World Cup?

Thomas Husson at JupiterResearch writes that he read an article about handsets for live mobile TV in Germany may not be available in time for the Football World Cup next June. He states that "it is not a secret anymore that whatever the technology (DMB, DVB-H,...), most players have already acknowledged that there would only be a very limited commercial offer, if any." Husson asks:

Is that a big deal ? When there is no time difference (contrary to Beijing Olympics in 2008), that the content will be available on most TV screens, why and when would you watch TV on a tiny screen ? In the office ? Most games will be take place in the evening. In the car if there is traffic jam to go to your friends' house ?
A good question. Will people be willing to pay for the convenience of catching a live sporting event when a TV is not available? First the content has to be compelling and second the pricing has to be right otherwise I'll just continue to check the latest scores on my handset when I'm out and about....