Tuesday, March 07, 2006

TiVo Brings DVR to Mobile Phones

NewsFactor Network reports that Tivo is working with Verizon Wireless to develop a service "that will enable TiVo subscribers to program their TV recordings through their mobile phones." The service will be available this summer, and Verizon subscribers will need to download an application to their handset. Of course, consumers will be charged but pricing has not been announced.

This move is part of Tivo's recent mobile initiatives. David Linsalta at IDC said, "TiVo can become a significant enabler of mobile TV, making it easier for users to access shows and lowering the bar for acceptance. It's still a small market, but we expect to see some growth as new technologies that are now being tested are rolled out to the mass market."

Yankee Group analyst Adi Kashore noted "TiVo has to add new functions, such as mobility to compete with the satellite and cable operators that are driving the DVR market."

My big question is, how much will the market bear to pay for turning your handset into a remote control? It can't be that much if anything. Sure there is added convenience if you forget to record something, but it only costs $1.99 at iTunes to download your favorite show too.

Unfortunately for moi, I have a DirecTivo, so as usual, I won't be supported by Tivo's mobile offerings since News Corp. decided to start pushing their own DVRs. Hey Rupert, when will us DirecTV customers get some mobile love?