Thursday, March 02, 2006

Microsoft Offers More Origami Hints

BetaNews covers the Microsoft Origami buzz claiming there are more hints about the rumored "ultra-portable PC with touch screen and media capabilities." Supposedly more clues have been posted on the Origami Project website, which "seem to reinforce the idea of Origami as a small portable device."

JupiterResearch analyst Michael Gartenberg said, "The full details aren't there but a picture is starting to take shape. Expect more speculation this week, which also means more buzz. All of a sudden MSFT isn't looking quite the same as it was a few weeks ago."

Jupiter Research analyst Joe Wilcox added, "My expectation is that Origami Project, whatever it is, may not be easily defined--initially, anyway. That would be consistent with some other Microsoft products (like Outlook 10 years ago) or life changing products (like DVRs and Blackberries) that pretty much defied explanation. How does a company promote a product or technology that is difficult to define? One approach is to make big aspirational promises, which is exactly Microsoft's approach. But making big promises carries great risk, too."