Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Winner's Remorse ?

Don't get me wrong because I'm really excited to have won a Treo 700w from Engadget Mobile, but I wonder if us gadget geeks are forever condemned to live a life continually searching for the next great device? Maybe because I won't receive the actual handset until next month or so, but instead of being overjoyed at the fact that my next smartphone selection has been resolved for me at no cost, I continue to look longingly at other handsets on the market or soon to be introduced.

For example, Engadget Mobile is now on day 9 of its 30 days of cellphone giveaways, and this week they are offering up the choice of either a HTC Apache (Verizon XV6700/Sprint PPC-6700) or HTC Wizard (Cingular 8125/T-Mobile MDA). Part of me is wishing I could win this week because these handsets are Wi-Fi enabled, although you can purchase a separate SDIO Wi-Fi card for the Treo 700w for around $80. Am I crazy or just exhibiting the usual signs of gadget geek buyer's (or in my case winner's) remorse?

I guess until I get the Treo 700w in my hands I'll continue to feel this way. In the meantime, I do have to consider whether I will port my family plans from Cingular over to Verizon so I can utilize the 700w. Service is supposedly better and they have EV-DO, but the data plan is pricey and I would need to buy the wife, and quite possibly my son handsets.

Hmmm, maybe this will work out after all. I get a free Treo and still get to shop for new handsets. And as we all know, you can never have enough mobile devices....