Friday, January 20, 2006

visiongain intelligence: 2006 Football World Cup will generate $6.35 billion in revenues for mobile companies

In a new study, visiongain intelligence predicts that the 2006 football World Cup will be "an opportunity to promote 3G, yet it will be established content, such as text-based services that will generate the most significant revenue."

visiongain forecast that the "one-month long tournament will generate $6.35 billion in revenue, with text-based services and downloads, such as ringtones and logos, the most significant." visiongain predicted the next most profitable World Cup-related content would be gambling and gaming.

Adam Walkden at visiongain said, "The telecoms industry has the potential to generate significant revenue from the 2006 World Cup. However, operators aiming to utilise the tournament’s popularity to push 3G at the expense of more traditional services will miss out. The key revenue generators will be tried and tested text services, ringtones and logos."

"The dynamics of the market will also contribute to the strategy chosen. Nations that have qualified for the World Cup will have different strategies available due to the merchandising opportunities opened by having the national team on board. However, visiongain believes that there are still significantly higher than normal revenues to be generated in many nations that have not qualified," added Walkden.

visiongain believed video highlights and building user communities for specific national teams were potential opportunties to promite for the network operators.