Monday, January 16, 2006

Jupiter: Mobile Google - It works, but will I use it?

Julie Ask at JupiterResearch posts about Google's personalized mobile home page. She had an easy time setting things up and:

Then, I used my Verizon LG 9xxx phone with a QWERTY keyboard to see how it looks on my phone. Second impression: "Wow, that works, too. And it was really easy to find." Doesn't look as good as some of the content designed for a small screen, but it functioned. I could open my email, click on links to stories, etc. I've spent a lot of time trying to get gmail to work on other mobile handsets that I have and have failed on all attempts. This worked. I was also automatically logged in the second and third time I visited the site on my phone.
Ask wonders whether she will use it moving forwards. She notes:
I am hesitant to pay for the airtime as I don't use WAP very often. I like that the content is customized. For general categories, there are applications like Glu's Fox Sports Mobile that provide a great experience for sports. I like having the option of getting access to my Gmail without a dedicated monthly subscription - that's probably what I like the best.
As Charles Golvin at Forrester Research points out at Charlene Li's Blog, it really comes down to how much time people will invest to customize the page. Right now I have gmail, ESPN, weather and one RSS feed. I have to think what other kinds of information I need to have while out and about. While Google's options are on the sparse side, the ability to add RSS feeds makes it highly customizable. Choices, choices...