Thursday, December 08, 2005

Jupiter: European MVNOs latest news

Thomas Husson at JupiterResearch blogs about some of the recent MVNO happenings in Italy, France and Germany. He concludes with:

I think there is more to expect from ISP, cable companies and other alternative fixed operators. The recent announcement of NTL buying Virgin Mobile (the most succesful MVNO to date) is a clear indication that more multiplay offers will emerge. However, it does not necessarily means "Quadruple play". As reported by Enguerand Renault from Les Echos, Liberty Global (a US cable company having a pan-European presence) has announced agreements with mobile operators (One in Austria and Orange in the Netherlands). Many players will indeed be tempted to offer a mix of Internet, TV, fixed telephony and now mobile. However, multiplay could also mean new innovative services depending on each player's strategy and regulatory constraints as highlighted by France Telecom's new offer : "my personal services"