Thursday, November 17, 2005

RIM unruffled over Nokia's Intellisync buy

CNET reports that Research In Motion (RIM) has espressed it is "not worried about any direct competition from Nokia as a result of the acquisition" of Intellisync, which develops wireless messaging and e-mail technology.

Jack Gold at J.Gold Associates said, "Even though Nokia has licensed the Blackberry Connect software from RIM to make the new devices compatible with the Blackberry Enterprise Server--approximately 60,000 installed worldwide--it nevertheless doesn't provide Nokia the real revenue opportunity that a server software sale would."

Gold added, "Nokia has licensed ActiveSync to embed in some Microsoft devices to enable push e-mail directly from Exchange without the need for a middleware product. However, this functionality only works for the most current version of Exchange, which is still a small amount of the total installs of Exchange servers."

Gartner analyst Michael King commenting on whether RIM can respond competitively said, "Long term, you could very likely see a Nokia device with a RIM base client but with an Intellisync e-mail or a Microsoft device with Intellisync device management and an RIM e-mail client."