Thursday, September 22, 2005

Jupiter: Windows Mobile Goes Consumer

Michael Gartenberg points out an interesting item from Microsoft's re-org at the Jupiter Analyst Weblogs. Gartenberg notes that the Windows Mobile group now falls under Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices unit. As Gartenberg states:

This is pretty huge and has major implications for the growth of that platform. Windows Mobile has been way too focused on business users at the expense of consumer desirable features like media and entertainment (and ignoring that whole contextual thing we’ve been talking about). We’ve already seen some Xbox franchises ported over to Windows Mobile, this should get even more interesting as time goes by. Right now Windows Mobile is poised to become a major (bit not necessarily dominant) force in mobile computing. It’s interesting to note that MSFT is keynoting CTIA on Monday, I’m expecting some interesting things.
I'm sure there are those in the enterprise, who are bemoaning this fact and would argue differently, especially since it's the market that generates the most ARPU at this point, and where Microsoft's biggest footprint is...